Safe Point Question

I was doing a backup after moving all my files over to the 4TB WDMyCloud v03.04.01-219 : Core F/W and I have 650GB on it and took 52hrs to complete. should this really take that long. And I was wondering if I have it do an update does it only check for new files or will it try and copy everything over again. 

Are you doing the safepoint backup onto a USB disk attached to the NAS, or onto some other networked share?

If it is onto an attached USB disk, that seems slow. Safepoint is not very fast, and some users think the speed is intentionally limited. At any rate, on my unit, I get about 7MB/s backing up to an attached USB 2.0 disk.

The next time it runs, it will only mirror changed files.

I have a seagate 2TB usb 3.0 plugged directly into the WD. 

USB Device Name Seagate FA GoFlex Desk

Manufacturer Seagate

Model FA GoFlex Desk

Serial Number NA0KCQQL

Firmware Version 0100

Size 2 TB

My guess is that WD is limiting the speed for safe points (apparent max of 10MB/s) since I’m able to get direct copy speeds of up to 40MB/s from MyCloud to a MyBook. The dual cpu on the WD Cloud runs at a measley 600Mhz, so limiting the speed seems reasonable.

Testing a safe point backup of about 10GB movie files when I first bought the drive gave me a max of 10MB/s and probably it is a lot less for multiple smaller files especially MP3’s, photos and ebooks. This is due to the fact of having to seek, repositioning and writting directory filenames, in addition to seeking and repositioning 1 file for 1 block/sector write and the tiny buffer space we have on the device of 512. So 5-7MB/s is about average.

However with all this said, backups should never be measured in terms of speed. In one sense just be glad that it is done and all subsequent backups should only take the time of scanning both sets and copying the change. 

I’m in the same boat but I took the initial shortcut by copying all the files to the USB first via a USB 3.0 connection and that still took about 3 days of copying since most of the files were photos, mp3’s and ebooks. I am planning to set up an Rsync on the drive that will runn weekly; however I’ve procrastinated and continued to do so.

one of the wierd things is the WD seems to fun faster when this drive removed. Wondering if something is wrong with this drive. 

My best guess is that it is media scanning your USB drive. Try turning off the Media Serving switch.

I turned that off we will see how it does. Thank you for all the responses I apprecaite it. 

Mine is creating an initial safe point backup at an average rate of 277 KB a second.
In 24 hours, it has done about 25 GB.
I have 280 GB to backup for the first safepoint.

During this procedure, accessing the files I am backing up is too slow to be able  to work with them, so I will have to cancel the safepoint creation, as I cannot have it not used for 10 days.

Disappointing. I will need to find another means of backup.