Safe Point Auto Update

I have setup a Safe Point and selected Auto Update to be ON but every time I do out and back in to the WD My Cloud Dashboard, the Safe Point shows Auto Update as OFF. Why? How can I get the software to save Auto Update as ON?

May be a silly question but have you set a time for the auto update
Not tried this myself yet as I do manual updates when my USB drive is connected
However I will try tonight when I get home and post back the result

Yes, I did set the schedule, day and time.


I have set an automatic update for 7 pm my time tonight (about 1HR away) and have logged out and back in several times and the safepoint auto update slider starts as “off” but within a few seconds it changes to “on”

I even ejected  and disconnected and reconnected the drive and although the slider takes slightly longer to change it still does.

I will now leave it set and see if it completes the update and then post back.

Auto update completed and still shows as on so no problem there.
The only problem is that although the MyCloud time zone is set for GMT and it displays the local time correctly the system seems to be locked to US time so my 7 pm update started 8 hrs late at 3 am
I am running V3 firmware due to problems with USB drives on V4