Safepoint will not do the automatic update after FW update(s)

After installing FW 307 mycloud would not do the automatic safepoint I have set to run everyday at 0300, it updates with no problems manually.  The FW was updated with the WD permission fix and then it updated to FW 308, everything working except for the automatic safepoint update.  Anyone else experiencing this issue or know of a fix?

**UPDATE:  I deleted the current safepoint, scheduled to run at 1am, didn’t run, deleted and created another safepoint, scheduled to run at 1pm, simply will not do an automatic update.  Did several reboots as well with no change in behavior.  Manual updates work fine.  

I am running 308 with Safepoint turned on and daily auto-update.   Has been working well since update which surprised me as it was pretty rocky previously.  Runs daily and has not had any errors for past week or so.  Nothing special about my config though no Townky or TimeMachine activated.

Only suggestion I can make is maybe delete the Safepoint and let it recreate a new one.   WIll take a while for initial but updates have been quick.


having same issue here… Safepoints will not update automatically. Support even had me do a factory reset on the device, didn’t fix the problem.

Please let me know if you ever get resolution. I now do a manual update, that does work but I really do not like it, I sometimes forget to do it so I have a week or two with no backup. I have had no further contact from support, apparently there is no fix other than to replace the drive.

Ron, it probably will not get resolved until the next product release. I did some research and found a good on-line backup solution. SOS Online Backup. It’s about $12.00 per month and it’s super fast on-line encrypted backup.
They are one of the only solutions that will backup a mapped network drive. I haven’t tried it on my mac yet because my mac is too old for their software.

I’m able to have their client map a network drive and backup my entire WD MyCloud daily. The data is also available via their cloud applications as well.

While it doesn’t resolve the issue of having safe points (which would be nice to have in house local backup on a USB Drive) it does provide a better “off site” solution. I would like to do both, safepoints & SOS. But until then, I’m relying on SOS for the critical backup until WD resolves the Safepoint issue.

Hope this helps

If this was raised a couple months ago, why hasn’t WD addressed it yet, or even commented on it?

I’ve got the same problem. I’ve contacted WD support, but no reply.

I gave up on Safepoint long ago. If you’re a bit tech-savvy, try my alternative at:

Alternative to Safepoint

Faster and far more reliable!

Hope this helps