RSS torrent downloader in firmware 4

I have been looking at several ways to set up RSS with Transmission, however none has been fully tested with the “wd my cloud” nas firmware 4.

Flexget seems to be pretty challenging to set up in firmware 4.

How about couchpotato?

another option is Automatic,

Has onyone tried this? it requires aclocal, autoconf and automake.

There is also a java alternative,

Successfully installing an RSS feeder to transmission will reduce the bothersome job on adding new torrents manually to transmission, and hopefully surprise you with new daily content :wink:

Anyone have another solution that works, please share.

Welcome to the Community. Hopefully an experienced User will be able to offer some suggestions.

I’ve been holding off FW 4.x also because im running flexget on my drive which is still on FW 3.x. I know transmission has been compiled for FW4.

I had posted in the FW 4.X repository section to see if someone with the tools and experience could build flexget for the new FW. 

Hopefully sometime in the near future?