Retrieving files - proving very difficult

I had my computer stolen out of my car on New Year’s Eve. Fortunately I had made a back up on my WD ‘My Passport’ about 3 weeks ago. I was using Windows 7 but the new laptop I purchased from a guy is running Windows 8. I can see backup using explorer in the folders but it is not a mirror of what was on my computer that was stolen.  

So, I installed the SmartWare software and under the ‘Retrieve’ tab the area that says “Backed up Volumes” shows no information.  Also on the “Home” tab the backup target is only showing two options; Passport Ultra and Dropbox.

Please help, this is a tough thing to go thru and I just need all my files back.
Thanks  :smiley:

Try enabling show hidden files. Check this post out too


Also are you sure you used the WD softare. Some people use windows or 3rd party software in witch case intructions may be different.