Restoring files

Maybe this is already answered somewhere in the forum but I can´t find the solution.

Have backed up PC1 to WD using SmartWare v. 2.4. Changed Laptop to PC2, attached WD drive and tried to restore files belonging to the old laptop to the new one. The problem is that I can only see files from PC2 on the drive, the backup set from PC1 is not selectable.

How do I do this?


You can restore the backup manually by exploring the folder named smartware.swstor inside the external drive. Also see if the links below helps.

“After upgrading WD SmartWare, backups made with prior versions of the software cannot be retrieved”:

I have not upgraded the software, the same on both laptops.

Restoring files manually is not an option as there are 55k files in a large directory structure where many of the directories has 3-5 (in total more then 200k files) versions of the individual files and I just want the most recent one from every directory.