WD Smartware shows everything as deleted

After moving to a new PC I wanted to restore the files I had on my old PC. Now I’ve run into two problems. First Smartware shows all files as deleted in the file tree (probably since they are in fact not on the new drive). This makes it impossible to restore the files that were last on the old PC since I can’t select all those manually. The second thing is that the permissions don’t get reset when the files are copied over. I can force a reset in permissions, but that is not ideal. Any way to fix that?

@Simon04090 What happened to the old PC? When I buy a new computer, Laptop or Desktop I move my files over from PC to PC before I sell or give away the old one.

I have had to have a couple of hard drives replaced but I didn’t have any problems restoring my files using SmartWare>Retrieve.

On the old PC and your My Cloud were you using any type of sync, like WD Sync?

I still have the old PC. Currently running a different backup software on it. I didn’t use any sync software. Just SmartWare.