Reset to Factory Default

During OS installation WD Sentinel DX4000 restart many times due to power fluctuation. Now storage is not working properly, OS of storage is corrupted. I want to restore to Factory default settings but I not have ISO created USB or CD. Can I reset storage to factory default settings without ISO USB? Please suggest

You have the option to factory restore without erasing the data

please check page 51 on the Manual 

but if you decide to do a full factory restore then yes you will need to create an ISO via USB 

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I have decided to full factory restore, Please guid me how can i create ISO VIA USB

That process is also explained on the page I have just mentioned on the manual

I got following erorr, when I try to connect via URl ;

An error occurred while setting up your server.

If you installed Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials from the DVD, try to install it again.

If you purchased your server from a hardware manufacturer, contact the manufacturer for support.

To save the error logs, click Save logs.

You need to download the iso and follow the pdf on this page

Can I configure remote web access with ISA server, if yes then how? please guide

You need inbound rules for 80 and 443.  Or just 443 if the user can be taught to type Https://

I need help for given bellow points;

  1. where is stored users activity logs (i.e user logins, data download or upload)

  2. Implementation of quota on users folder

  3. default upload size is 2 GB via remote web access, can i modifiy default upload size

4.Can user share a file with others users

  1. how can restrict users to upload files with specific file extention

Thank You

Please guide me about following point.

  1. default upload size is 2 GB via remote web access, can i modifiy default upload size

  2. where is stored users activity logs (i.e user logins, data download or upload)

Please this is very important for my job. please reply

I dont think you can do either.  You might also ask in the microsoft forum referenced at the top of the questions

Need about network settings:

I have configured one ethernet with DHCP and working fine. Now I want to configure second ethernet for anothe network, I pluged th cable in second ethernet but ethernet status is showing unplged cable. and also unable ti assigne an IP address in second ethernet. Please guide me. I have also test my cable there is no issue with cable

Can I used both ethernet for diffent network DMZ and LAN.

LAN Network setting is:

Ip: 192.168.1.x



DMZ network:

IP: 172.28.x.x

sub: 255.255.x.x

Please guide

The Ethernet jacks can not be used the way you are trying to use them. So it’s not something you are doing wrong, they are set to be a backup connection if 1 fails. It’s like a clone. Same as the 2 power inputs, if 1 fails, the 2nd will take over.

Thank You for your reply.

It means I can use only one IP??

Can I use static IP?

Yes you can assign a static IP and you can assign more than one in the advanced properties, but as was said you can only configure one nic and no matter which hole it is plugged in it will be the same

Be very careful when making changes to the nic, if you mess up or disable the nic, then you will have no other option but to do a server recovery, which is time consuming and requires some skill. This is because the server is headless and you just cut off your only way in.

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Great advice :slight_smile:

Can anyone guide me, how to raise 2GB upload limit in Remote Web access

How long does it take 1gb?  As in if you could incresae it and it takes 8 hours, what good is that?

You can install an FTP server