Replacement Drives for Thunderbolt Duo - No Caviar Green

The manual says:
“Important: Only use WD Caviar® GreenTM hard drive assemblies to replace the drives in your My Book Thunderbolt Duo device enclosure. Using any other hard drive assembly voids the warranty for your My Book Thunderbolt Duo.”

Pretty sure mine is out of warranty. In any case, it appears Caviar Green drives are no longer and have been replaced by Blue?

I was considering using the WD Re Datacenter Capacity HDD Model: WD4001FYYG

Has WD provided any formal guidance as to what can be used in the Thunderbolt Duo now that Green is no longer?



I have never tried using any other drive besides a WD Green. You may try contacting WD support for assistance with this or we can just wait for somebody who has tried this and can comment on this topic.

Hi! Three years later I have the same problem. I need to replace my disk in WD Thunderbolt Duo. Anyone can help me with that? Which disks do you recommend? Should it be IntelliPower, 7200 or 5400 disk?

MANY THANKS for any help.

As someone else suggested on other forums (we put 2x10TB) – I simply bought 2x2TB WD Red NAS – they are also IntelliPower (5400-7200rpm). They just work perfect. More quiet and quicker disk anyway. The whole enclosure seems much colder after extensive work. GOOD NEWS!