Can I use WD RED drives in a MyBook Thunderbolt Duo?

Is it safe?

Hi tomdd,

WD Red drives are manufactured to use as a networking drive. We would suggest to use WD Caviar® Green™ hard drive assemblies to replace the drives in your My Book Thunderbolt Duo device enclosure. As using any other hard drive assembly voids the warranty for your My Book Thunderbolt Duo.

I used two 2TB WD Red and they work really well! They are quicker and even more quiet than WD Caviar Green. Most of My Book Thunderbolt Duo enclosures already lost their warranty anyway. Also you can’t buy any new Caviar Green as they are discontinued right now. It is sad WD cannot confirm that WD Red work well in case one can’t buy Greens.

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Yeah, I had to switch too… and 8TB Reds also work well. :wink:

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Ive used two 1tb reds in my wd studio ii and can’t make them work no matter what I do