Removing deleted files on backup destination

I am using SmartWare 2.4. I keep raw photos/videos on my D: drive until they are edited, then I move them to the data G: drive (thus deleting them from D:). My Book is configured to backup the raw photos on D: and also the G: drive.

Question: The backup drive lists the files moved from D: as “deleted”. Are they really deleted from the backup drive? If not, how do I delete the individual files to reclaim that space on the backup? Will the SW just overwrite those files when it needs the room?

Hello, the WD Smartware marks them as deleted when you are attempting to retrieve the files, in order you to reclaim the space on the backup drive, you will need to manually go into the drive and remove them.

Thank you for the info.
I’m assuming you mean to use Windows Explorer, look at the files on the drive and delete them from there.

But if I manually delete them, won’t that mess up the backup index that the software/device keeps?

Very likely, since WD SmartWare is designed to keep a security copy in case of accidental data loss. Tampering the backup will likely lead to WD SmartWare flagging the backup as “additional files” and will no longer update the backup.

If you need to mirror your files then a synchronization software (As opposed to a backup software) is more likely to suit your needs. However, keeping a backup (A secondary copy available on a physically different device at the same time in case the primary source of data becomes inaccessible) is still highly recommended. If you store your files in your external hard drive but delete them from your computer then you are essentially deleting your backup.