Remove AF Jumper?

I’ve bought a WD Green , WD20EARX model. I wanted to use Advanced format mod. and I’m using windows 7 64 bit. I’ve used Jumper between pin no. 7 and 8 . but I heared that there’s no need to use jumper when OS is widnwos 7.
My question is , is that true? and should I remove the jumper? and Wil it cause losing data?
and for using advanced format , should I have just one partiton? wich allocation size should I choose for best performance when I want to format drive? Im using the drive , most for archiving large size videos.

Edit :

I installed WD Align Utility , and it says that the partition in aligned.

I used “wmic partition get Name, StartingOffset” command and its output is

Name StartingOffset
Disk #0, Partition #0 1048576

and 1048576  is multiple of 4096. :smiley:

here is list of partitions (list created by diskpart)

Partition ### Type Size Offset

Partition 1 Primary 1863 GB 1024 KB

I’m really confused. should I do anything?

“wmic DISKDRIVE get bytespersector, caption” command says that there is just 512 bytes per sector!

what’s wrong?


I found some information here

Microsoft Windows does not support 4K Native, 4k/4k yet. and logical sector size must be 512bytes while the physical is 4kbytes

There’s an explanation and a chart telling you when to use the jumper  here.

As you can see the jumper is not needed on Windows Vista and 7/8.

On XP it is only good when partitioning using the XP installer - the drive will present itself differently (probably shift an emulated 512 byte sector, I’m not really sure) so that the first partition you create using the XP installer falls within the 4K boundary. If you use Windows Vista and up to create the partition(s) you don’t even need the jumper or WD align for Windows XP.

If you remove the jumper you will likely need to repartition the drive. Do not remove the jumper if you haven’t backed up all data.

I removed the jumper but nothing happened and all of the data still remain!

but I afraid of any unstability , so I made back up and recreated the partition :frowning: