Caviar Green WD20EARS Advanced Format Drive issue

I recently bought 2 WD20EARS meant for external storage connected via USB 2. I have read about the Advanced Format but it is still rather confusing to me. I formated the 1st drive from Windows XP without aligning and jumper setting. The 2nd one was formated in Windows XP but later aligned with Acronis.

Today I ran the WD Align from Acronis on both drive but they were reported as not an Advanced Format drive!

WD Align System Utility 2.0 (Retail) - Powered By Paragon gave me the same message too. what has gone wrong??!!

If i partition the drive in Windows 7 and formated in Windows 7 in NTFS, could I use the drive in Windows XP without aligning or jumpering?

If i align or jumper set the drive in Windows XP, can i use the drive as it is under Windows 7?

Once the drive is aligned, it should work on either.