Remote Streaming of HD Videos (12Tb MCM)

I bought My Cloud Mirror for two reasons: to back up my entire D drive in case of something goes wrong. And to have access to all my PC files when I’m outside. I wanted to be able to easily stream movies from my collection even when I’m not home.

I didn’t get it for the home network as I was already doing that with my PC using shared folders.

So I set it up and added the files to the MCM. 5Tb worth of data was backed up. Downloaded the My Cloud app on my android phone, desktop program and Mac program as well. Wanted to have access on all of my devices. I was concerned the My Cloud app wouldn’t allow me to use my native video player to play the files (I use MX Player for Android, PotPlayer for Windows and VLC for Mac) but luckily I was able to use my default player with no problems.

The first day I was doing some tests, while at work I would streaming from the My Cloud app and it was working like a charm. HD movies were loading relatively fast with no problems. However, the next day I was unable to stream the videos anymore. I can access the folders no problem, but when I start playing files, they just get stuck on my video player’s loading screen. Or they would just play the first second or so and then get stuck again.

I don’t know why it became so slow all of a sudden it was fine. I also tried using VLC on my Mac but the still, it would either get stuck on loading or play a few seconds then stop.

I’m sure my internet connection both at home (20 mb down 5mb up) and my mobile data (25mb down and 5 up) are ok.
I’m not sure what the problem is and would appreciate any help.

Well, try it from home and see if it works. Lots or variables from work, possible VPN, etc. First determine if problem is work-related or not.

I didn’t mean I was using work internet. I’m simply using my mobile data at work lol so VPN isn’t the issue.

OK, got that. So, tell me: the first time that it worked was when you were on your data plan or home Wi-Fi?
Have you tried it on your home Wi-Fi at all? The performance would not be affected by your internet speed, just by your network speed, and for best results a gigabit router using 5G is what is needed to stream HD stuff. The old 10/100 router is hard pressed to do well, especially using 2.4G band.
I can understand if simple (less complex) videos could work, but videos (like mp4 movie rips) would have a tough go at it. Your data rates may seem kind of fast, but they really are minimum. I have tried streaming movie rips using a 20mbps Wi-Fi connection (not mine), and they either worked sometimes, stuttered, or just stalled.
Also, your upload speed of 5mbps is too slow. I have upgraded ISP service and I have 12mbps second and that is workable and usually works fine if I am on a remote Wi-Fi of 20mbps or so. I think the main cause of your problem is the 5mbps second upload speed from your home.
Likely time to upgrade to gigabit router and faster internet on your end.

Like I said I’m using my data plan. At home it works fine coz its a local network and I do have gigabit ethernet. As for the upload speed not being enough, I doubt that’s the issue since occasionally I would test it outside and it would work flawlessly, just a couple of times though, then it goes back to not working at all. Maybe my router’s firewall is blocking the connection or something, I have no idea.