Cannot access MCM away from local connection anymore

Hi, just recently purchased and setup MCM. Was working fine, was able to connect from PC in my office and via iPhone app. Can no longer do so. Annoying!! Not sure if it has something to do with a firmware update I did around the same time.

Whenever I try to connect the app or mycloud site says the device is offline, but that is definitely not the case as my wife is connected at home at the exact same time.

Mirror is connected to Belkin N1 Modem & Router all-in-1… (old hardware I know but it works)

Any help fixing the problem would be great. Especially if explained simply as I’m not the most tech savvy, though do know how to open and change settings in my modem/router.

The whole point of getting this thing was to be able to access my files and folders while away from home… Help!!

Hello, have you tried power cycling the WD My Cloud?