Remote shutdown with SSH - please help


I would like to shutdown my WD Sharespace remotely using SSH

When I logon with putty I can use command “poweroff” and this works like a dream

I would like to create a batch command for that.

I tried to use plink.exe but without success.

plink.exe -ssh -pw welc0me root@ poweroff

Could anyone help?


Hi there, try to contact the user TonyPh12345, he’s your best bet!

After playing a little I made it finally work.

plink.exe -ssh -l root -pw welc0me /sbin/poweroff

I hope it can help someone

and remember it is zero in password, not O

Thanks to this command my APC CS 350 can work with WD Sharespace with help of and old laptop with XP on board (I use it as a print server anyway).

WD Sharespace is powered through APC.

When power goes down Laptop uses it’s own battery. When battery level goes below xx% script is started to shutdown WD Sharespace.

I have my APC connected via USB to PC but it seems to be completely obsolete.