Remote access to media files


I suppose that question has already been asked many time, sorry for that.

I just wanna know if it is possible to stream media file over the internet, I mean read audio and video files without being connected to the local network.

If yes how to do this ? Can we do it using Windows Media Player ?

Thanks in advance,

Nobody can help me ? :dizzy_face:

Did you search?   There’s tons of answers to your question.

Well technically it IS possible through the WD2Go app for iPhone and iPad. Not sure about android devices. All attempts that I have had failed to stream video and took forever to load images. 


You can access your files from which lets you access your files from your remote desktop. 

As stated before, all attempts that I tried were rediculously slow. To transfer 5 files (totaling 6mb) took close to 5 minutes just to transfer to my MyBookLive.

We’re probably better off using DropBox. 

Yes I searched but did not find an appropriate solution.

I know that normally we can stream files using wd2go. But as you said, it’s really slow…

Therefore I’m looking for an alternative,

If someone has an idea, please let me know :wink: