Remote Access displayed as "Failed"

I recently purchased a My Book Live and it had working fine, as well as the WD2go features.

These days, in the Remote Access webpage, the Connectivity Status says failed, “Could not establish remote access connection. Please make sure you are connected to the Internet.” And I cannot modify or add any Mobile Access and Web Access account.

But, But, I CAN use WD 2go / WD Photos app, no matter my iPad is on Wi-Fi and 3G, I CAN use web access to visit my MBL remotely, everything works fine, but the message in MBL setting page says failed.

I changed the network setting, set remote access disabled and enabled, rebooted the MBL. But it still says “failed”, and I can still use remote access, only I cannot change any settings.

And I got the Network link down alert twice whenever I open the web interface. BUT The network is TOTALLY FINE, it could tell there’s no firmware update and it could connect to WD2go (even it says “failed”). I CAN visit the MBL remotely.

Please give me any suggestion, thanks. The message is really annoying.

Re Network Link reporting down. It is likely that your network went offline (you might not have been around), which is why you see the alert.

To your other issue, this seems pretty strange. Can you clear your browser cache and try again?

I found the network alert is a old message, if I check never see this again it won’t come out.

For the “failed” problem, I cleared the browser cache and it doesn’t work.I see the browser keeps requesting a “update_remote_access” JSON string, in which there’s a “communication_status:failed”.

Could you tell me the details about how it determine “failed”, like which URL/IP address it cannot reach? Even I disabled the remote access, it still says “failed” instead of “disabled”.

I want to do a quick factory reset but I’m afraid if this won’t resolved, I will be unable to use WD 2go at all. (my settings will be lost and I cannot change WD2go settings)

I’m using the latest firmware. BTW, could anyone tell me where the remote access(wd 2go) settings saves? If I reset my MBL and this issue won’t resolved, I could restore my WD2go settings to make it work.


I have the same problem my WD live 2TB on Mac snow leopard. Did you succeed to solve it?


I did a quick factory reset and it’s OK now, be sure to backup all you data before doing this.

make sure you have filled Gateway and DNS server as well

not just IP and Netmask

Hi all, I just bought a MyBook Live today and have set this up via my Sky Broadband Netgear router. My PC could access the MBL drive until I also logged on from a Mac, but this problem went away after re-booting. I also noticed some connectivity issues, which seemed to sort themselves out.

However, my big problem was getting my PS3 or XBOX to find the files - it said there were none. After much searching I found this post about having the Public share set as none - but my settings said it was visible to all. What I did though was re-set it to none, and then switched it back to all - and hey presto my PS3 and XBOX can now access the files. This could be a solution if you are having the same issues.