Ready to smash this thing to the floor and stomp on it

I have put up with firmware updates and ill-conceived beta firmware for months and months and months now.  I am so frustrated with this device I am bordering on angry, now.  I spend more time rebooting this *&W@# thing and waiting for it to “Compiling media library” than I ever do actually watching anything.  I’ve given up entertaining friends by watching movies, I’m the laughingstock of the group for having this thing.  Everytime I’ve tried, I spend so much time rebooting and resetting it, friends give up and leave for someone else’s home.  I’ve been told “do this” or “do that” or “wait for the next firmware”… well, I’ve waited longer than most sane people would ever wait.  I"m tired of waiting, I just want a device that will play the movies I have and not make me want to curse and hurt something.  Is that too much to ask?  When this thing works, it is beautiful, I’ve enjoyed it very much.  But of late, these latest firmwares, it just plain **bleep**.  **bleep** bad.

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I escalated your case.  Hopefully someone can help you.