Re need a logic board replacement asap!

Im looking for a good used /refurbished (?) sata hdd controller board that fits a:HGST Ultrastar 8TB (Western Digital?) model HUH728080AL604 (?) ,FW:7J0 version
(?), S/N: 2EGW8ZLX (?) that recently became invisible in windows explorer when data RW heads crashed which created clicking rhythmically sounds;i would like to know where i may find online a replacement controller board as well as RW heads &/or hdd data disks for the aforementioned hdd??

Thanks in advance for any hdd repair parts sources,referrals!

Your approach is wrong on too many levels.

A clicking drive most probably has internal problems, in which case a PCB swap would be pointless.

Secondly, you would need to transfer the ROM(s) from your patient PCB to the donor PCB. This is because the ROM stores unique, drive specific calibration data.

Thirdly, your HUH drive is a helium model. Its HDA is sealed, and very few professional data recovery companies would be able to deal with it, let alone a DIY-er.

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