Now what do I do? Can I swap the platters out?

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So I purchased a used compatable controller (2060-701640-002 Rev A) and tried to transfer  my original 8 pin bios to the new board.  I basically cooked my 8 pin bios and now I am left with a 1.5 caviar Green HD with no controler.  I would like to try and swap the platters out to a good unit but I am not sure I can just pick up any old WD 1.5 TB drive and do this.

Does anybody know if this will work or do I need to find an exact HD match so that my firmware versions match?

My 1.5 TB HD model is:


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need a new controler and PCB.  The short story is I lost my power cord and used the wrong plug and think I burned a fuse on the PCB.  When I took the unit apart the USB connector fell off of the control broard.  I want to replace the control board (4060-705059-001 Rev A) and the PCB (2060-701640-002 Rev A) with two new, or slightly used ones.  Does anybody know if the pair that came out of the unit is married/linked by a bios settting or something.  I am wondering if, so long as I have the same serial numbers, can I buy a controller (mentioned above) USB2 from one person and a PCB (mentioned above) from another person and expect them to work together.  I have tried a few best buy options where I slipped the WD drive into a case with USB support and in both cases the unit would not power on but as soon as I remove my WD drive the case unit powers on.  I am about to pull the plug on a used PCB and a controller on EBAY but wanted to check here first.  The drive itself should be fine.


I havent seen somebody on the community doing something like this. 

Have you tried contacting a data recovery service?

ERmorel wrote:

Have you tried contacting a data recovery service?

if you do … make sure you’re sitting down when they give you the price quote :wink:

So much for not having a backup. Fixing a borked disk is waste of time and money. For that reason I buy several disks every year just to have fault tolerance.