Stupid me Fried PCB board on both my WD20EARX Green 2TB drives!


Can anyone advise how I go about getting new boards for these, I somehow managed to connect an extesion splitter power plug 1 in 2 out the wrong way round to the PSU feed, DOH!!!

Thanks in advance


Hi there are sites on the net you can buy the boards from. But you will need to use a chip from the old pcb and replace the chip on the new pcb with it . This involves soldering a chip from one board to another so it is not a job for a normal user. This is one site for the pcb’s 

Thanks Hammey, have emailed them with some Q’s, looks like the D1 and 2 did not blow as is the usual case, Friedthe Motor Combo IC: L7251, U1 instead.



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