Random doesn't seem random any more

Since the update from 1.03 to 1.04, the random play function for music, doesn’t seem very random any more.

I have about 17.000 tracks stored on the Disktation (Synology 210j). Via the “Media Player/Diskstation/Music/All Music” I choose to play random music. This always worked fine, but since 1.04 the random function plays tracks from about 10 albums (say 200 tracks), what are the odds.

Please fix, because I use this play mode a lot! (continuously)

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Nobody listening?

It’s a real bug in 1.04.10B, I rolled back to 1.3.49_V and shuffle play is really random again!! Yes !!!

Thanks for all the support.  :wink:

Hm, random still seems to be buggy for me. :frowning:

Music appears ok, but of my 9000 Digital photos, it always jumps between the same four event (each event having about 40-90 photos).

When I switch the WD TV Live off and on (the unit remains connected to mains, so not a power-cycle) and hit shuffle all again, it starts displaying exactly the same four events again. :(  Although it might not be exactly the same photos. Before updating to 1.04.10_V from 1.02.21, random worked rather well.

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I’ve got the WDTV Live and also have it randomize between the same group of albums.  From session to session, the group of albums change, but it still keeps to the groups of the day - maybe 10 albums out of a couple hundred.


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I have just get a wd live hub and it looks the same issue with pictures and music. It is very annoying, as I like to shuffle my entire library, n ot only the same few titles…

Does anybody from WD take care of this issue?

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Has anyone tested this with the latest 1.04.17 update?

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I’ve noticed the same thing!

Between this and the inability to play all songs in a genre, it makes the WDTV Live virtually useless as a music player.

Come on WD, stop concentrating on the addition of usless stuff like You Tube and Mediafly and fix the basic functions of the player.


Playing all songs of a certain genre still works for me (for .mp3 and .ogg files, but not for .flac files, but that was always so).

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Confirming that this is still broken in 1.04.17_B, which is not a surprise considering they didn’t say it was fixed in the release notes.

I am playing my entire music library via Tversity and curiously, when on Shuffle I only get songs starting with the letters Y or Z.  If I play all the songs just in one folder it will shuffle properly.  Strange.  Using 1.03.49 where Shuffle works as it should.

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Random is not Random any more. I have my music sorted in folders by artist and always wants to play around the last 10 letters of the alphabet not any thing at the start and if I choose a song from the start of the alphabet it goes back to the last 10???

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Still broken in 1.04.22B

At least you get the last 10 letters Cameron, I only get songs starting with Y or Z!!!

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“Still broken in 1.04.22B”

Just adding my confirmation to this, along with my concurrence that for me this bug is a deal-breaker.  I’ve rolled back to 1.03.49.

I have a large music collection on a Synology DS-209+II. When I choose Music/All from the WD TV menu, I get a list of song titles in alphabetic Album-title sequence.  No matter which song I choose as my starting song, when using newer firmware, all subsequent songs come from a very small alphabetical range of album titles, grouped around the album that contained my starting song. This eliminates about 95% of my collection from ever being played during that session, and obviously results in many duplicate album choices within a short period of time. Very annoying! WD support responded to and accepted my problem report via the Ask a Question support link, but I’ve never seen it acknowledged in any later release notes.

Come on, folks, this can’t be that hard to fix!

 (PS…Using Windows 7 and IE 9, I could not get text to post on this board.  Had to use my wife’s laptop with Vista/IE 8.)

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Did you post this in the thread started for the new firmware updates?  If not, could you please?  That way the product people will have the best chance to see it.

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OK, this is in the firmware thread now, and I still haven’t seen a response from WD.  It would be nice to see if WD acknowledges that this is a problem and when it will be fixed.

This behavior of showing the same files everytime shuffle is selected really limits the usefulness of the device.  There are two aspects to the problem:

  1. Always starts with the same file.  The first file selected should also be shuffled in whatever container is selected.

  2. Shuffles amongst a small subset of the total files.


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The current “false” random behaviour on music files, I can confirm is really a pain on everyday use of my WDTV. Please do something about it, it can’t be so hard to fix I hope !

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Would be nice if someone from WD could at least reply that they did read this topic and try to solve the bug.

The WD Community was created for Users, such as yourself, to help one another, and to share your experiences and ideas with one another. As Moderators, we are here simply to facilitate and oversee the community. However, if you are looking for technical support from WD, you will need to contact them directly.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

OK I just submitted a bug report then directly on WD site, hope to get at least WD team to acknowledge the issue through this “official” channel and will let you know here if yes or no…

 but I really thought WD people were regularly checking on this forum to care about what the users find as good or less good on their products.

 I hope we are loosing our time when signaling bugs here, or proposing enhancement ideas for the future releases.

On my side I will continue because I think this is usefull at least to know that we’re not the only one to get a specific issue…:smiley:

Papavalex, You describe my symptoms precisely. I was told in the last support email I received that they were looking at this bug but that they were not going to dig too deep since I reported the problem associated with the Tversity media server and they felt that was not their problem.

So I was debating trying out 1.04.31 but after reading this I think I will stick with the wdlxtv firmware based upon 1.03.49.  It is fantastic having telnet & ftp access to the device and linksheets/moviesheets is probably worth the sacrifice of not getting to enjoy Netflix 3.0.  At least my WD is usable and music shuffles properly.