RAID configuration issues on MyPassport Studio for Mac

I have an iMac (2009) on Mavericks OS 10.9.5 and run Time Machine on an external 500GB WD drive supplied by WD in July 2014 to replace a previous failed drive. Its product ID is model 071D Firewire. The RAID is described (by Apple Disk Utilities) as Mac OS Extended (Journaled), mirrored set, block size 32K.

Because the WD drive has recently been waking up in the night with its usual green pinhole light flashing so brightly that it lit up the room (and sometimes waking up the iMac screen) I ran WD Drive Utilities. The Drive Status, Quick Drive and Complete Drive tests all passed. But since then I am being presented with error warnings “Error in RAID configuration, RAID configuration issues: Launch WD Drive Utilities to get more information”. The WD Support website talks about using Drive Manager with an icon on my top menu bar, which I didn’t have. So I downloaded Drive Manager 2.24 and apparently installed it but no icon or file has appeared.

Have spent hours trying to deal with this. Please can someone help!

 5 September PS: Don’t know how to delete this message but please ignore it. I have given up and bought a new (not WD) hard drive.

Hello and welcome to the WD community.

Normally this type of usage is not supported Passport units, unless it is passport pro. Was this unit a passport pro or a single drive unit?