Quick question about Standby mode - How can you see it?

Hello, I know this question may seem trivial, so forgive me if it is too stupid to ask you but I would like to know something about “sleep mode” of WD My Book Duo.

I know how to set it, but since this is my first device without any button, I would like to know how can you recognise that the device went to the “sleep mode”? Does that flash / little light on it change somehow or do something, or you can see it elwhere? I would like to take good care of My Book Duo so I just wanted to ask that.

Thank you for your answer! :blush:

Hello and welcome to the WD Community.

Depending on the lights of the unit, you will be able to tell if the unit is in standby.

White, blinking slowly - Standby—initiated by the device sleep timer setting

For more information about the led light on the unit, please see page 5 of the user manual.

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Thank you very much for your reply, I must have overlooked this information in user manual. :slight_smile: