On My Passport Ultra is System Standby the same as Sleep Mode?

Hello, everyone, I’ve set my device to go to sleep after 30 minutes using the WD Drive Utilities software. What I don’t know (and can’t find out in the manual) is if the “Slow flashing, approximately every 2.5 seconds” LED appearance means the device is in sleep mode and thus is not being “worn” (as it says in the manual) for no purpose at all. In the manual it says that this type of flashing means “System standby” but nowhere does it actually say: Standby = Sleep. So that is basically what I want to know: Is “System standby” the same thing as Sleep Mode? Is my drive therefore “asleep” when it’s on standby? Thanks for your answers!

Hi, the led slowly flashing means that the drive is in sleep mode/Stand By/System Stand By.

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Thank you very much for confirming this!