LED light doesn't turn off (WD Duo 16TB)


I’ve just adquired a WD duo a few days ago, and installed it on RAID 1. Everything seems to be ok, but I’d like to know if there is a way to turn off the led ligt when I put the computer to sleep, appart from unplug it from the powerstrip. It’s really annoying for my son trying to sleep with that light (pretty intense in darkness), since I have the computer in his bedroom.

Power button in the back side of the WD DUO doesn’t seem to do anything. And that is the second question. What does the power button do, appart from absolutely nothing?

Thank you. Have a nice monday.

Have you tried pushing and hold down the power button.

Yes, but even after 10 seconds nothing happens. The LED light keeps shining…
It always shines.

Ohh yes… it shines Georgie… it shines… and when you’re down here, with me, you’ll shine too :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok. Sorry for the (bad) joke. I don’t know. Maybe my WD is not working fine. As I wrote yesterday, the LED doesn’t turn off when the device turns off, and the power button doesn’t seem to have any effect.

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I don’t think the light can be turned off, it’s there for a purpose, download the manual and check out the details, if there is something wrong and it new from a authorised dealer, use your warranty and have it repaired.

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Ok. I’m going to return the Western Digital using the guarantee. The light issue just sounds like a little joke comparing to the list of problems that I’m having with this device.

Noisy as hell, and incredibly slow functioning. Every little work takes now 7 to 10 times more than it used to take with my old WD my book, which I just replaced a couple weeks ago. Sometimes, I have to wait 20 or even 30 seconds just to open a simple folder. Erase a weight folder (20GB or so) can take 10 minutes to the WD, and you can’t do absolutely nothing with your computer in the meantime.

Appaling quality this WD my Book DUO. From my recent experience, is just c-r-a-p.

Sorry for my english.