Quick factory reset

I did a factory reset hoping to fix admin password issues…all files and data are gone now.  How can I recover?

Ouch, the reset button would have fixed that issue without losing data. Anyways you have 1 option…

R-Linux for Windows $FREE (You have to remove the drive from the case which will void your warranty)

I have taken the drive out…anyone know how to use r-linux?

In my comuter, it shows /cachevolume 1858.71gb, cachevolume 1 1863.02 gb, Linux Ext Volume 1 1.91 gb, Linux Ext Volume 2 1.91 gb, Volume 1(primary, Linux) 489 mb, NT_Mapped_File J, at end 1863.02gb, NT_Mapped_File J 1863.02 gb, and EURS-63s48y0 1863.02 gb.

Which drive do i actually try to get the files from??