Questions before buying


I have a few questions regarding the WD TV Live Hub before I go out and buy it, and it seems to me asking them here, with all you guys already having one is a good place to start, and I’m hoping a few of you will share your knowledge with me.

The problems I have now and the reasons I’m considering getting the WD TV Live Hub is that I’m having issues with mkv files that I’m streaming via cable from my PC to my PS3.

It’s slow, it doesn’t always work (getting the message the file is corrupt, yet it works perfectly on my pc), and I can’t fast forward or rewind in the files very well - So I’m hoping the WD TV Live hub fares better with these tasks…

Also have a network drive/media player that’s also used in conjunction with the PS3 but the problem there is that the drive seems to get thrown off the network at times, resulting in getting disconnected in the middle of a movie or show, sometimes several times which is obviously very frustrating… again I’m guessing that won’t work with the WD as it’s directly connected to the TV.

Also does one have to be an advanced pc user to get into this thing? Or is it fairly simple to use, get to know and operate? I’m also thinking about troubleshooting here, how hard it is to solve issues with it.

I hope some of you will be so kind as to share your experiences with me with the hub and if there are any general issues I should be aware of before buying.

Any other advice or known issues? I read somewhere that indexing on the WD is really slow, is this true? Or have they fixed it?

Feel free to share, I’m sure others who are contemplating buying it will have benefit from this as well.

Thank you I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

You should consider WD TV Live Streaming Media Player

Hello i bought the WD i had the same situation that you have. IT IS WORTH IT!! it plays everything and you can stream. Dunno how did you streamed mkv files to PS3 since is not able to play them.

Mostly i purchase it because 90% of the movies are in mkv files, PS3 won’t play mkv files. Besides is more confortable with the WD. With the metadata, backdrops and movie info , PS3 doen’t have that.!

So don’t worry is a good choice if you like to watch movies, concerts ,etc… :slight_smile:

You also won’t be bothered by Cinavia, as on the PS3.

Sounds great! :slight_smile: thanks for the answers! I’m surprised that noone has anything bad to say about the Hub though, doesn’t it have any  negative sides at all? Not that I’m desperately looking for them, I just find it hard to believe. :slight_smile:

Also would the WD Elements play with internal HDD not do the same trick as the Hub?

You can start by reading the problems that WD is still not able to fix below even after a couple of firmware updates







Thanks nuraf,

Yeah I see that people have issues, but the question is if it’s stuff I can live with and hopefully they WILL adress things like that - Am I under the correct assumption that they listen to the community? It seems so from some of the stuff I’ve read.

I don’t think there’s any product out there that works flawlessly without anyone having to adress stuff here and there, I’ve ordered my hub today and look forward to playing around with it, it seems to be able to adress all my movie wants and needs.

I read somewhere that if you want to add an extra HDD to the Hub, it has to be certain types? I thought any USB HDD would do, isn’t it compatible with any HDD`out there? If not, is there a list somewhere with compatible drives? Are there size limits?

If anyone has stuff to add to the thread, about bad and good experiences they’ve had with their hub please feel free!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer so far, I’m really greatful.

Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:

wenneberg:   It probably works with 90% of the drives out there.   But not all drives are created equally… 

WD *does* publish a list of TESTED devices:

… but that doesn’t mean that’s the ONLY products that work;  it’s just the ones that WD has tested and verified as compatible.

Thanks a lot TonyPh12345