Wdtv live hub fault ?!?!?

Hi all.

Recently got a WDTV Live Hub as I was getting fed up with doing transcoding over my network using PS3 Media Server & my PS3 and so far the LIVE HUB has been great. However I have founf one really strange fault that must be a software bug. When playing .mkv files from my network share over my network everything works perfect however when I copy an .mkv file onto the HD in the Live Hub I can still play it however I am unable to fast forward, rewind or use the search function to go to a specific time in the movie, all these things work when playing from the network share. Also sometimes when trying to fast forward from the local HD a message comes up saying this “the file you are playing doesn’t support trick-mode”… Must be a sw fault as it works from a network share but not from the local HD. Have anyone else seen this and is there a solution for this issue ? Would rather hope to be able to play content from the live hub without having my pc on using 1100w worth of power.



Hi Guys.

Just to let everyone know, I am on the latest sw 2.04.13 and have tried a number of different .mkv files all encoded using different programs and all are experienceing the same issue 720p & 1080p alike. All work when played froma network share but ff, rw and search don’t work when played from the WDTV’s local 1Tb HD