Question about WD My Cloud native partitioning scheme

I do not know what kind of partition/FS is used on WD My Cloud devices … can someone indicate please ?

I have a 4 TB My Cloud.

I use this to store files that I read/write from Windows 10 and Mac OS 10. I also have read access from my WD TV and mobile apps on iOS and Android. NAS is mapped to both operating systems over the same SSID WiFi connection.

What I am trying to understand is how Windows 10 and OS 10 actually interact with the files when writing them to the NAS.


The OS used by the My Cloud is a flavor of Linux.

The data partition where the Shares are located is formatted for “EXT4”.

thanks for the explanation …

is there a concern in general with writing files to the NAS from the OS when the OS uses a different fs ?

i take it that the NAS frontend handles that since the files are not directly written to the NAS hdd by the OS … ?

i mapped the my cloud in windows using map network drive and in OS 10 its an smb map