Provided NTFS driver for Mac doesn work with my OS version

I’m trying to open WD My Wireless Passport from my Macbook pro using USB.

My current OS Version is MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 and I am getting the following message "This version is designed to be used on OS X 10.10 - 10.13 only. You have OS X 10.14.6 installed. Please visit the product’s homepage to learn more: "

The page sends me to a 3rd party provider who seems to sell this driver and the download link downloads only a trial version.

How can I get the right version for my OS X version?


It is recommended to format the drive in HFS+ for compatibility with mac. If the drive is to be used with both Windows and Mac OS based computers the you should opt for exFAT file format. After reformatting the drive in either of the file formats you won’t require third party drivers to use the WD My Passport wireless drive.

Thanks for your answer but how can I format the drive since it is not recognized by my laptop and the only way to format seems to be through the OS’s GUI?

The user manual doesn’t mention how to format, it only says it is possible to do so (English version page 52). Instead I got the information on how this can be done from this page .

I have to say that I am disappointed by the experience so far. I do not believe that as a consumer I should be responsible of doing these things on a purchased product… the expectation would be that it would just work or at least that all steps should be thought out beforehand without me having to dig around… I do not think that I want to do is uncommon, on the contrary.
I know that probably this is not the right place for feedback but the experience needs improvement and of course I am not addressing you personally when I say this.

Did you check if the drive appears in disk utility upon connecting? You can format the drive from there:

You may also use 3rd Party Disk Format Utilities:

No, I did not know I could do it from disk utility.

I tried it and formatting failed, the error (it is in greek in my system, so I searched for the translation) “Erasing “WD Drive Utilities Installer” and creating “ExampleName”. Unmounting disk. Couldn’t modify partition map. Operation failed.”

I was following the instructions from here:

and as expected there was no dropdown to set the scheme in my case, so what should I try next?