Please help!

I just bought two my passport drives…not I have bought several my passport for Mac drives and didn’t realize that you are supposed to format this drive. However, it is in a nfts format and is working fine with Savings photos to and from the disc. Do I need this disc to be formatted or is it okay? It seems to work fine. I don’t want to think that it’s okay, and then something catastrophically fail later.

Thank you!

Hi AutumnL,

If you using the drives on MAC computer the file format should be HFS+ and you need to format the drive.

You can have a look at this KBA:

If you are using the drives on Windows computer it should be fine as it’s already formatted to NTFS.

What happens if you don’t? I have already saved some images to an unformatted drive and it seems to work fine. But I don’t want something to go wrong with it.