Product Question

Hi, apologies that I’m asking a product question on this forum but I’ve phoned WD and spoken to several people and got a different answer each time (!).

My question is regarding whether a particular product on the WD Outlet section of their website. It’s the My Cloud EX2 product advertised in this link:

Does this product come with 10TB (capacity) hard drives, or it is just the enclosure only? I hope someone with experience of buying from the outlet will know whether items with the TB shown in the product title actually have the hard drives included, or it is only pertaining to the maximum TB capactity of the enclosure?


Suggestion: let WD making hard drive and buy a Synology or a Qnap product

Sorry Simone, thanks, but I dont understand your response. I was hoping for a response that either confirms the product does include the hard drives or that it doesn’t ??

it does

Thanks for your help Simone. Can i just ask are you a WD employee? Regards

no, I’m just a very unhappy customer :wink:

Oh no, sorry to hear that. Anything I can do to recipricate the help you’ve given me?

not figured, is a cluttered.
the product you’ve indicated costs 140 € without Dishi, it is obvious that are included and it is in promotion

Hi,was your latest post in this thread meant for me?