Problems establishing a remote connection to My Cloud Mirror

Hi everyone, I’m hoping someone can help me view my My Cloud Mirror’s files remotely from a Web Page.

I have followed the directions on  This WD Support Page, however once I set up my Cloud Access and click on my drive (as instructed in the directions, instruction #8) I see the following image instead of my files

According to the directions, I should see my files and be able to ‘open in explorer’ (Instruction #9 on the support page I referenced above). I must be missing something. Any ideas/solutions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you and have a great day!

The only way to see the files remotely is via an app installed on the travelling device, which I presume the download page for which is what you’re being directed to (I can’t see the picture you’ve posted, as it hasn’t been approved yet).

It’s not possible to view the files in something like Windows Explorer when remotely connected, you can only do that via mapped drives or an SMB/NFS view when you are on the same local network as the MCM. The page you link to above is for the MyCloud - remote explorer access isn’t possible on the MCM.

Such full remote access has been requested several times for the various products, such as the feature ideas  herehereor  here (and there are probably many others in the ideas section).