WD Mirror cannot be accessed through a browser

I recently bought the WD Mirror 6Tb to both back up my pictures and to access them from “anywhere”.

To my huge disappointment, this device (the only from WD Live?) can not be accessed from https://www.wd2go.com/, i.e through a normal web browser

So to access the data, you MUST download an app.
I am using computers where downloading an app is not practical and/or allowed (for instance at my workplace) so my Mirror is now just a very expensive simple harddrive.

I really hope WD will fix this in the next firmware update.

In my view, accessing the harddrive through the web browser is the most practical and secure way. Dropbox is in my view excellent to use through the browser.


Idea approved for voting.

A useful extension and/or first step to this could also be the addition of a file and folder explorer/browser into the Mirror’s dashboard software itself (the one accessed locally via web browser). Then this functionality could be what a remote web portal like WD2Go links into, making it a more uniform access way for both local and remote accessing.

@kristoffer82, note that there is no need to download any apps to access your device form the wd2go website. Click on the following link for more information.  http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/10623

Unfortunately, wd2go does not work to access contents on my WD Mirror. Customer support confirmed to me that this functionality is not open for this device (WD Mirror)

I would love this functionality. PLEASE add it in, WD! 

+1. I would not have bought MCM if it was clear browser access was not available as in MC.

This is ridiculous, apparently the ex series does it but cloud doesn’t. I was told that if enough people make noise it may happen. For the price this is unacceptable from Wd. Had I known this I wouldn’t have purchased this device. 

I am also wondering about the fact, that my shares are not acessable via wd2go using a MCM. The My Cloud devices without mirror have that feature and it seems to work.

Before purchasing the MCM I checked all the features I want to have. And it is essential for me to get access to my cloud mirror via browser from a business notebook, hotel or any other devices I am not allowed to install any app or peace of software on it. Simplest and best way would be wd2go.

WD is writing at their own knolewdge base following:

“…Released in April of 2014, The WD My Cloud Mirror is the second Consumer Series Personal Cloud drive. The My Cloud Mirror includes the same features as the WD My Cloud, while introducing RAID functionality…”


To say the truth, that’s not true.

The simple my cloud has that feature and the higher class MCM not. That’s a joke, I cannot laugh about and I hope that they will fix that problem in future.

But when I am looking at the postings here, I realize that not many users seem to have the same problem. Hopefully some more user will find the way to that thread and post a comment here.

It is essential for me to have browser access to my My Cloud Mirror. As indicated, by other users, WD had claimed it has the same features as the My Cloud, which does provide browser access though wd2go. I would not have purchased this device otherwise. Can’t believe this seemingly basic feature is available on the single-drive device, but not the substantially more expensive Mirror! 


News from my side: One of the moderators gave the WD support a hint about my posting in this forum. After that they contacted me again and reactivated the discussion I had with the support already before I was writing my postings in this forum. Outcome was that we found a solution I can accept. The technical problem is still existing and I have no information, if they will fix the problem ever, but in my special case, they offered me a solution and the WD support worked perfect for me. Let’s say it was a great job of the support member I was in contact. Felix