Remote Web Access using web browser only

I was under the impression I could access my cloud ex2 over the internet by just using a web browser once I have an account.  However it wants me to install a desktop app when I try to do this.  I don’t have permissions to install programs on my work desktop Windows PC at work.  I would like to retrieve a file from ex2, edit it, and then put it back on my ex2.

I was hoping something like Google Drive.  I can access and edit my files on Google Drive without an app or ftp.  Makes it very simple for less technical people and able to be used when the user does not have install permissions.  If Google can do it, I would expect WD can too.


I came up with a workaround which allows to transfer files with a remote desktop computer browser without installing any app on the desktop.  Maybe you can use this to make something more user friendly then my procedures in message 20 of the below link.

Need this as well for some of my EX2 users.

For some reasion, this post is still in “new” status, while the suggestions I posted after this one are in “Acknowledged” status.

try use OwnClowd. or for devs - install it in fw