Problems: Erase/Dispose of MP for mac

Hi all,
Have a corrupted old MYPassport for Mac, which was transferred to a new replacement WD passport (under warranty) by WD contractor…wish to erase and dispose. I get into Disk Utility, I find the drive and try to erase: I get “erase failed”.
Notice that on the drive details chart says:
-Not Mounted
-Available 999.83

  • Available: 0KB
    -Users: –
    -Owners: Disabled

Please advise: is it already been wiped? Can I recycle (and if “yes”) where?
Many thanks.

Hi pepperment,

My Passport for Mac comes in pre-formatted HFS+J partition for compatibility with Mac OS X operating systems.

We recommend following the steps provided in below article to erase My Passport for Mac using Mac Disk Utility when getting an error message.

Hi Brandon,
Thank you but at step 7 I received this:
ERASING WD PP 078B MEDIA and creating untitled.
then this error message:
“Erase process failed”
Under “Show Details”:
Unmounting disk
Couldn’t open device
Operative failed.

Hmmm I don’t think the solution you offered is relevant to the drive status I have–I am not trying to re-format the disk, just erase it. And I think the old drive may already be erased, but I can’t tell & don’t want to recycle til I am sure. Here’s a screenshot of the old drive when I open disk utility:

Hi pepperment,

It would be best to contact WD’s Technical Support for this concern.