Problem with using Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool

I have two WD Red NAS hard drives and am trying to carry out extended tests to determine their condition. I purchased a USB 3.0 to 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD cable w/UASP to connect the hard drive directly to the PC (Windows 10) I downloaded the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool. The drive shows in the diagnostic tool, but the model number and type does not match the attached drive, also the serial number is not the same
ddl1 .
Also SMART status is not available and the capacity is showing as Zero.
When i run an extended test the result is returned within a second. below image is a copy of the result
If i right click on the drive and select properties there is a health warning flagged, but no Volumes contained
There is/was about 450GB of Data on the drive when it was installed in a Synology enclosure (Two drives in a RAID configuration). I was getting bad sector results flagged by Synology, so i purchased a new WD red drive and installed it. The drive i removed is the one i am trying to test. Even though i have removed the supposedly degraded drive the Synology is throwing up error messages. I have been conversing with Synology and forwarded the test results above, but they are of the opinion that i am not getting a valid result from the diagnostic tool, and they are saying i need to get some valid results before they can comment further.

Any help or insight would be gratefully accepted