Problem with a safepoint

I have 2 MyBookLive devices and have (or had) one set to automatically update a safepoint on the other once a week. I have had not problem with this in the past, the see the following Alert for the update taken last Sunday:

Your safepoint was updated successfully. (5)
Your safepoint MBL on the Safepoints share on MYBOOKLIVE2 was updated successfully.
Sun 02 Apr 2017 12:03:15 AM PDT

However, the source MBL now says I have no safepoints:

There are currently no safepoints for your My Book Live.

Navigate to the Create tab and follow the instructions to create a new safepoint.

When I search for safepoints I find all available targets but when I click on MyBookLive2 - the desired target - I get the error message

30000 - Unknown error. Retry your last operation. If the error persists, contact WD Support for assistance.
I seem to have no problem accessing and creating a safepoint on a MyCloud drive so I guess this may be a problem with my MyBookLive2 device.

Before contacting WD Support I thought I’d ask if anybody has seen this. A search of the web did not turn up anything more recent that 2012 so I think this is not a common problem.

I should mention that I had 2 power failures yesterday during a storm. Something could have been fried but Windows has no trouble accessing files on the source drive. I do not give Windows any SMB access to the target drive, but I’ve got an FTP server running on it and an FTP client on Windows has no trouble accessing files on the taget drive. This seems to be a problem only with safepoint access.

I guess my next step should be to reboot my MyBookLive2 and test it again, but the safepoint creation to my MyCloud drive says it’s got over 6 hours to go so the test will have to wait a while.

Rebooting the device fixed the safepoint problem. It also reset the date and time that I noticed was off. I’m blaming it on the power failure and feeling lucky that worse did not happen.

Thanks for sharing the solution, hopefully this will help others with the same issue you were experiencing.