Creating Safepoint - Keeps Stopping

Hi folks,

Hopefully someone can help with this one…

I have two MBL 2TB units on the same router.

I have set the one I use as a server to backup to the other on a specific backup share, but the sending unit keeps stopping and emailing me this error:

Event title:There was an error updating your safepoint.
Event description:2 - There was an error updating your safepoint HomeServer_Safepoint on the HomeServer_Backup share on BUHOMESERVER.
Event code:1102

Any help to get to fixed appreciated.

Also, every time it does a backup (I have set to weekly) will it copy all (approx 1TB) or will it only update the changed files? As it is taking about 1.5 days to copy the data and has still not finished doing it once after three manual resumes.



are both drive still using the same drive name?  if so, change one of them.

Please see the other comment in thread  “Safepoint backup of 1 MyBook Live to another MBL always fails”

I think we have to act together if we want some results.