Problems with Safepoint

Hi, I’ve got a very similar problem to what was exposed (and not resolved)  in this other thread here.

I’m trying to backup my main MyBookLive 2TB (used for media storage and for TimeMachine backup of 3 different macs) to a MyBook Essential 2TB usb attached to a PC under Windows 7.

I’ve started trying to create a safepoint about 3 days ago and and it works well for a while, and then after a variable while I keep having errors like the following:

Following events are generated on your MyBookLive MyBookLive.

Event title:There was an error updating your safepoint.

Event description:%4 - There was an error updating your safepoint %1 on the %2 share on %3.


Event code:1102

Event time:11-11-2011 01:20:55 AM

I would totally appreciate some help here, thanks!

that link doesn’t take me to a thread, just to a board.  have you checked with apple about what could be causing this?

This would not be an Apple problem.  The Safepoint backup and restore is performed by the MyBook Live and the Safepoint backup needs to be told where the network share is (In this case it’s a USB connected drive to a computer with a Windows operating system) and that the share’s username and password is supposed to the MyBook Live. Also this relies on the permissions on the Windows computer to be correctly set-up.

That is to allow that share to be accessed, correct?  I learned something new today.  I didn’t even know my MBL could do this.

Yesh. There is an issue with the SharePoint backup that if the target is not on-line it won’t appear on the list of SharePoint backups. Western Digital know about this because I made a small noise about it. Hope they fix it so it don’t vanish but shows that the sharepoint is there and that it’s off-line.

The MyBook Live does all the processing. It just needs to be shown where the back-up target share is and be told that target share’s user name and password.

Unfortunatly, don’t know why you’re getting that error.

Please see the other comment in thread  “Safepoint backup of 1 MyBook Live to another MBL always fails”

I think we have to act together if we want some results.

Don’t know if it cause or not, but I have found a small bug, maybe more of an omission, in one of the Perl scripts.  A dry-run is performed that considers EVERY file that Safepoint will process but the actual back-up also considers a exclusion list of what not to back-up. The dry-run should also be considering and using the exclusion list.

I don’t think this is causing the problem. I’ve been trying to solve another unrelated issue with Safepoint.

I believe I had a similar problem where the safepoint would not create on a DLINK DNS-323 NAS (which only supports Samba shares).  I am pretty sure I was getting the 1102 error when trying to create the safe point.  What I discovered was that if I removed all the Time Machine sparse bundle files from the TimeMachine Share - the safepoint would create successfully on the DNS323.

WD Tony confirmed that the DNS323 is NOT compatible with the Safe Point creation process.

However, the safepoint would create successfully - with the Time Machine sparse bundles - if the destination was an NTFS share on a Windows 7 box.

What file system is your external USB drive formatted with?  If it is FAT or FAT32 - and not NTFS - this could possibly be causing your problem.

  1.  If your external USB drive is not NTFS - can you reformat it to NTFS and try the safepoint creation again?

  2. Is there any way that you can relocated your TimeMachine sparse bundles off the MBL and try the safepoint creation again?

These suggestions are rather time consuming.  If I have time in the next day or so - I can try to create a safepoint to an external USB drive on a Windows 7 box to see if I have the same problem.


I tested the safepoint creation on a MyBook Home Edition 1.5 TB USB drive - attached to a Windows 7 desktop via USB.  The MyBook Home edition drive was formatted using a GUID partition scheme and the volume was formatted as NTFS.  The MyBookLive drive contained a 200GB TimeCapsule sparse bundle in the TimeMachine share, and two 40GB Norton Ghost 14 imsage backups in a user-defined share - as well as other types of files.  The amount of data on the MBL was about 300 gig.

I was able to successfully create the safepoint, update the safepoint and delete the safepoint through the web interface - both in the foreground and background.  The total time to create the safepoint was about 15 hours (and this matched the estimate given at the start of the safepoint creation.  This particular Windows 7 box only has a 100mb ethernet card - which may have accounted for the 15 hour safepoint creation time, but observing the network status ont he Windows 7 box - revealed that the Windows 7 box was waiting on the MBL.  This could be normal behavior for the rsync utility which creates and updates the safepoint.