Previous versions of firmware available?

My WD TV Live+ is still at 1.04.10…I’d like to move up to 1.05.04 since all my reading here indicates it’s the best of the 1.05.xx versions - but I’d also like to have available my current version of f/w in case I need to revert.  Can these older f/w versions be found anywhere?  All I can find are the latest 1.06.xx and the 1.06 version they tell you to revert to if the latest doesn’t work for you.

It’s no longer supported to roll back to older versions of the firmware. Check the link below for more information.

Read my post again.  I’m not trying to roll back - I’m trying to upgrade - but I don’t want to upgrade to the problem-laden 1.06.xx versions.

You may find the firmware on the forum below. You have to register to download.