PR4100 Multiple Raid Types

Hello! I recently upgraded to a PR4100 from an EX 2 Ultra. The main reason for the upgrade was to have 2 drives set up as Raid 1 and the other 2 set up as JBOD. Is this possible with the PR4100? As far as I can see, whatever Raid you set disks 1 and 2 to, you also have to set 3 and 4 as well. I have set up disks 1 and 2 as Raid 1 and set disks 3 and 4 to spanning, but i would like disks 3 and 4 to be JBOD if possible. Thanks!

Thanks for the quick response! I had been thinking of the best way to set things up and your way may be the best. My setup may be a little strange, but using the internal backup feature may be the best route for me. I am using drive 1 as iTunes media storage and storage for other random files that I don’t want taking up space on my desktop. Which means they aren’t backed up normally via Time Machine. Then I use drive 3 and/or 4 as storage for computer backups or files i wouldn’t mind losing if the drive failed. So I would like drive 1 backed up as Raid 1 to drive 2 since there are no other copies of those files, but since drive 3 is already a backup of a computer, I don’t really need it to be backed up again via Raid 1 to drive 4.

So if I use internal backup to mirror drive 1 to a separate drive, it is about the same as Raid 1 on that drive except for the fact that it isn’t an instantaneous backup, which isn’t critical. Just wondering if it was possible to set up drives 1 and 2 as Raid 1 and drives 3 and 4 as JBOD.

Ok, I just wanted to drop a quick update to say I have found the solution I was originally looking for. While tinkering around with various setups, I decided I would just go back to JBOD rather than use Raid 1 for the first pair of drives. While in the ‘Change Raid Type’ setup box, I noticed there was an option to either switch to JBOD or ‘downgrade Raid 1 to JBOD’. I selected the latter and there it gives you the option to downgrade pair 1 & 2, pair 3 & 4, or both from Raid 1 to JBOD. So I was able to only downgrade drives 3 & 4, while keeping drives 1 & 2 setup as a Raid 1 partition. Kind of a roundabout way of doing things, but hopefully this will help anyone looking to set up half the drives as Raid and half as JBOD.

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