PR4100 - How do I set up shares so that Plex can see my media?

I have a PR4100.

I created a share called “PlexMedia”.

I set “Public” to “off” (I don’t want anyone except me to be able to add / modify / delete files).

I created a local user account, and gave it (and “admin”) read/write permissions to the share.

From my Windows 10 computer, I connected to the PR4100 “PlexMedia” share, created some subfolders (like “Exercise Videos”, "Kids TV Shows, & “Grown Up TV Shows”). I then created a subfolder under “Grown Up TV Shows” called “Arrow”, then “Season 01”. I then copied several episodes of Arrow into that folder (example name “Arrow - S01E01.mkv”).

I went to the Plex web interface and created Libraries with corresponding names to the subfolders in my “PlexMedia” share, and pointed the Libraries to those corresponding folders (example - pointed “Grown Up TV Shows” Library to “/shares/PlexMedia/Grown Up TV Shows”)

When I go into the Library for “Grown Up TV Shows”, it shows the subfolder icons (when I change the view to “By Folder”), and I can go down into the subfolders (“Arrow” -> “Season 01”), but the shows don’t show up - just says “There is no content in the selected folder”.

What’s up? What am I doing wrong?

Hi there,

I have not tried this, lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.

Plex sees all my media files, they are all in the default Public folder and the pre-fab “Shared” media folders. You are not making your files “public” unless you want to for others. Plex app just reads the files in Public and updates your Plex database. No need for paranoia.

I know this thread is very old, but I don’t see a solution given. I am having a very similar problem. I have set up a Plex directory on volume 2 of my PR4100. I have set up directories for movies mini series educational, and etc. Only the movies that are in the root directory of the movies folder can be seen by Plex. If I move a folder in there for example the last ship it never shows up. I have perhaps a dozen folders under mini series and Plex tells me that the library is empty. I have added folders to the library both at the upper level of mini series, and the next level down of the last ship, and even pointed directly to in episode. Nothing!