File names on PR4100 gone HAYWIRE in my Plex share

I just downloaded the firmware and upgraded my PR4100. So far I am able to access everything. That said, I am having one very serious problem on my Plex share. The file names for somewhere between 10% and 30% of my folders/files have been renamed to random letters and numbers.

Thus previously I had a structure like this:

“XYZ Show”

(Files inside “XYZ Show” Folder)
XYZ Show - S01E01.mkv
XYZ Show - S01E02.mkv

Those files and folder have now been renamed where XYZ Show has now become:



The example above are literal names that I copied from my share.

I found this problem as I was trying to add a file to a folder on my share. The folder was simply gone (meanwhile as I scrolled down I noticed bunches and bunches of renamed folders with gibberish names).

The strange thing is that I when I looked for the TV show in the Plex app I could find it. I even then went and looked at the path for one of the “missing” files and the old path was still there. Thus, it still says that the file exists in the path that is something like “plex/plex share/XYZ Show (the folder)/XYZ Show - S01E01.mkv” even though when I look on the actual share the folder/files is/are nowhere to be seen.

Right now the drive is still indexing and so I hope that the folder/file names go back to normal. If they don’t I don’t know what to do because it won’t be easy at all to rename the TV files. Movies will be easier to fix but because of the weird re-naming convention of the TV show it will be a problem. It would have been easier to fix if the file names were something like:

3VL634~J - S01E01
3VL634~I - S01E02
3VL634~J - S01E03