Power Schedules?

I have a quick question: does the single drive My Cloud have power schedules? I’m looking to get a second NAS to store my less-important stuff (i.e. stuff that doesn’t need the redundancy of a multi-drive NAS) but I was wondering if this My Cloud had power schedules? My main Buffalo NAS allows me the schedule it to turn off late at night and back on in the morning. Does this drive allow that?

The below thread indicates that the EX4 version has a power schedule feature, but I wasn’t sure if the single-drive model had the same firmware. Thanks for the help!


WD MyCloud does NOT have power schedules built in. You can turn the NAS OFF from the UI, but you cannot turn it back ON, by the way.

Thanks for the information. That’s kind of disappointing. I love Western Digital’s internal drives (using a WD Black and my secondary drive on this computer), so I would have liked to use their NAS. Power schedules are a must though, so I guess I’ll look elsewhere.

the drive itself will go to sleep based on activity. the power draw of on sleeping unit would be very minimal

is there a paticular reason it actually needs to power off?

FYI, and device that can shutdown and startup on a schedule is not truly ever off

Hmm, does the sleep feature stop the disk or just lower the RPMs? Since I’m only going to be using it during the day I’d prefer if the disk wasn’t spinning 24/7 because I don’t need it to. I’m not too concerned with it being truely off or not, mostly trying to help extend the life of the drive inside.

I can’t be positive that they stop it but I believe it does as it would not make sense to keep it spinning. the time is configurable in the UI

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When the drive goes to sleep, the disk stops spinning and the blue light blinks slowly. The NAS, however, nevers stays asleep for long…

Can you elaborate on that? When you say it doesn’t stay asleep for long does that mean it’ll wakeup on it’s own? I’m assuming it’ll constantly keep searching for activity, but does the NAS and drive really come out of sleep mode often by itself?