Finer "Power Schedule" controls?

Hi, I have the Gen1 My Cloud Mirror running firmware v2.11.164 (as of this writing, this is the most up-to-date FW version available for my NAS device).

According to the actual User Manual available from the Product Page here:

Direct link to the English Manual:

You’ll notice on page 110 where it discusses the Power Schedule and how it works, it clearly references a “SLIDER” function. However, if you attempt to configure on the current FW version, you can only select specific 2 hour intervals. Why is there no longer a slider function? Or better yet, just a start and end time text field box? I’m annoyed that the minimum I can set the power schedule for, is to have it shut down at 4am and turn back on at 6am. What if I only want it to be down for a 10-minute period one time per week? There doesn’t seem to be any easy way to do this…

Any help or guidance here would be most appreciated.

Hello shayaknyc,

Have you tried to contacting the WD Support:

To Contact WD for Technical Support