Power on/off LED turned Red


My power on/off led which is blue when first powered on, turns solid red. Drive is accessible from network and functions fine, what does this mean and how to fix?


If this happened to my DL2100 I would refer to the complete manual to see what the LED colors mean.


The following table describes the front panel power LED behavior.
State,Color, Appearance,State Description

  1. Power Down, Not lit, N/A, Drive is off.
  2. Standby, Blue, Pulsing, Drive is in standby mode.
  3. Powering Up, Blue, Blinking, Device is powering on or in the process of updating the firmware.
  4. Power Up, Blue, Solid, Device is in a powered up state.
  5. Power Up (degraded), Red, Blinking, Device is powered up but the volume is degraded.
  6. Action required, Red, Blinking, A condition, such as a network cable having become unplugged, which requires you to act


Mine usuallty goes red when the drive hit about 95% capacity. once I delete some old backups, it goes back to blue. if they drive is working properly, most likely that is the problem.


Problem solved, thank you everyone for suggestions. I couldn’t find anything that explains what the red on/off means, however I have determined it is related to the “backup” usb drive connected in the rear access connector. Once removed, the on/off turned blue and off to the races. I tried connecting the drive to front usb port only to hear continuous relay actuation with approx .5 Hz frequency, will investigate the external drive further, however NAS issue resolved. Cheers.