Power loos all 4 drive FAILED!

Hey all

I have a power loos at my department, and my WD Sharespace 4TB in raid 5 have now failed at me.

All 4 disk i FAILED ! 

Screen shot 2011-03-09 at 10.01.21.png

What can I do ?

I have try resetting the box so it my not see the disks as failed. But no luck… 

I had the same thing a few days ago.

hook up the drives to a linux machine and do the following to mount the your data

sudo mdadm --assemble --scan

look under /dev/md/ wich raid volumes where found

ls /dev/md/

your system should have found 3 volumes. one is the os of the nas one is swapspace and one is your data volume.

create a directory where you mount your data volume in that folder (REPLACE NAME_OF_YOUR_VOLUME with the name you got from the ls command) 

mkdir /media/md0
sudo mount /dev/md/NAME_OF_YOUR_VOLUME /media/md0

now you can backup your data. After the backup destroy the partition table of all drives. When you plug them back into the nas the nas rebuilds the OS and creates a new raid 5 volume where you can put your backuped files

That will need a raid controller with raid 5.

but thx. anyway. I will look in to it

Did you use a RAID controller or just softwear raid in linux ?

I did not use a raiddcontroller the WD Sharespace uses the normal linux softraid

I had same problem on 01 January.

I loose all my data. :frowning:

So now i buy an UPS

That sounds good.

Then I will try find me a machine with 4 sata connectors 

did my method work for you?

anything new?

I had the same issue with all 4 drives showing failed, sent WD support an email but nothing back yet.

I don’t know anything about linux, I guess there is no order the drives need to go into the system for software raid.

is there anything you need to do in the linux to get it to detect there is a raid 5 volume?

Will any Version of linux do… such as “mint”